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Inspired by the Persian essence of beauty, this ensemble embodies the essence of a fairy-like presence, captivating all who behold it.

The shirt, adorned with delicate muted thread work, evokes the intricate charm of celestial beings, while the subtle sitara embellishments on the front and border of the peshwas bestow a celestial shimmer akin to starlight. Each stitch whispers tales of elegance and mystique, reminiscent of an angelic face framed in a soft halo of light.

As the dupatta cascades gently, it reveals a mesmerizing display of sitara chan, casting a spell of luminance that dances with every movement. Its ombre dying technique adds a gradient of celestial hues, as if dipped in the very palette of the heavens.

In the Parisa outfit, one becomes a manifestation of divine beauty, embodying the grace of a fairy and the allure of a heavenly maiden, enchanting all who gaze upon her with a spell of timeless elegance.

Chooridar: Cotton Silk
Shirt: Cotton Silk
Duppatta: Organza


The time it takes to create a handmade product is dependent on the complexity of the design. Formal products can take up to 4-6 weeks.

Fashion consultant will be able to give you an accurate date when you place your order.

Virsaay pieces are made using the finest of materials and specialist techniques.
Iron with care. Dry clean only

This outfit can be customized in terms of its fabric, color and size.

-Length will vary according to the design.

-Actual colors of the outfit may vary from the colors being displayed on your device.

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