Blue Jay


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Introducing our Airline Shirt & Plazzo set, meticulously crafted from luxurious Cotton Silk to embody the essence of elegance and sophistication. Inspired by the remarkable Blue Jay bird, known for its intelligence, resourcefulness, and adaptability in folklore and cultural contexts, this ensemble is designed to elevate your style journey with grace and refinement.

Embrace the allure of sophistication as delicate thread embroidery adorns both pieces, mirroring the intricate intellect and adaptability of the Blue Jay. Each stitch speaks volumes, reflecting the bird’s remarkable qualities in every detail.

Completing the ensemble is our Pure Organza Dupatta, featuring a mesmerizing double-shaded design reminiscent of the Blue Jay’s striking plumage. Adorned with intricate adda chan, this Dupatta adds an extra layer of charm and elegance to your attire, effortlessly elevating your style for any occasion.

Step into a world where intelligence meets elegance, where resourcefulness intertwines with refinement. Embrace the spirit of the Blue Jay with our Airlin ensemble, a testament to the beauty of nature’s most remarkable creations.

Shirt & Trouser: Airline shirt & Plazzo – Cotton Silk
Dupatta: Pure Organza

The time it takes to create a handmade product is dependent on the complexity of the design. Formal products can take up to 4-6 weeks.

Fashion consultant will be able to give you an accurate date when you place your order.

Virsaay pieces are made using the finest of materials and specialist techniques.
Iron with care. Dry clean only

This outfit can be customized in terms of its fabric, color and size.

-Length will vary according to the design.

-Actual colors of the outfit may vary from the colors being displayed on your device.

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